8 Reasons Why Lazy People Achieve More

If any passiveness does not let you become closer to your success, it is worth learning how to be lazy effectively.

1. Lazy People Look for The Most Effective Way to Complete the Task

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, once said: “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Really, such workers will look for the way to finish the project faster and will try to get the best result from the first attempt in order not to redo the task.

A Lazy Person

2. Lazy People Are Skilled Optimizers

A lazy person does not see the point in a monotonous job, so they always try to automatize the process. Thanks to such inventors, vacuum cleaners replaced brooms, and robot-cleaners replaced vacuum cleaners.

And if you see one more life hack, have no doubts: a lazy person thought it out, because a non-lazy one would do it all as intended, not as it was simpler for him or her.

3. They Use Technologies Effectively

To optimize processes, you don’t have to invent new things; it is possible to use existing functions. Lazy people regularly check if there appears something that could free them from routine tasks. They know about all the new high-tech gadgets and apps.

4. They Choose Right Priorities

Before finding out how to do something, lazy people ask themselves why they should do that. The right question lets them avoid wasting time and energy to do secondary things that do not have a serious influence on the result.

At the beginning of the XX century, the Italian economist Wilfredo Pareto stated the principle: 20% of efforts provide 80% of success. So, the rest 80% of efforts have only a 20% contribution. According to this principle, it is much more profitable to put minimal efforts into right switches.

5. They Can Rest

If the work of a usual person looks like a marathon, then that of a lazy person looks like short sprint runs after rests. First, they put a maximum of efforts and time to the task, and then they relax. As a result, the lazy person completes an equal amount of tasks during the same time period but feels more relaxed and less stressed.

  1. They Estimate Risks Better

To complete tasks effectively without redoing them, you need to secure possible failures in advance. So, a lazy person notices risks in advance and does everything possible to neutralize them.

7. They Are Good Leaders

A lazy person does not only complete tasks effectively and rapidly, but delegates them to people working on the project effectively, too.

Lazy Leader

No unnecessary movement and doubled responsibilities, just a teamwork for the result.

8. They Are Smart

If a person is not very smart, he or she just can’t allow themselves being lazy.

At the office, you need to be sure you can complete tasks in time even if you spent the whole day surfing social media. A lazy freelancer needs even more to have the possibility of taking 10 expensive orders instead of 100 cheap ones. So, a developed intellect and a curious mind are the keys to success if you want to do less and to get more at a time.

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