Lean Educator Conference

Join us for the next Lean Educator Conference!  Attendees from industry, government and academia participate in the Lean Educator Conference each year.  The location of the Lean Educator Conference is most often hosted by a college or university interested in helping to advance lean education for the future workforce.  Participants at the Lean Educator Conference enjoy learning about how others are incorporating lean topics into their education programs.

  • Academic and practitioner keynote speakers
  • Workshops
  • Operations tour
  • Panels to discuss industry needs, academic programs, the lean journey, etc.
  • Opportunity for presentation and collaboration
  • Networking and sharing

Lean Philosophy

The term "lean" was coined by researchers in MIT’s International Motor Vehicle Program to describe the production paradigm emerging from the Japanese automotive industry. A lean enterprise, or production system, is one that eliminates waste and optimizes the value delivered to all of its stakeholders.  A lean organization emphasizes respect for people while also improving quality, productivity and efficiency.  For more information about lean principles, peruse the websites at LEAN, LAI EdNet and LEI.

Lean Educator Conference History

The Lean Educator Conference is sponsored by three organizations devoted to lean and particularly lean education, LAI EdNet, LEAN and LEI.  These three organizations first joined forces back in 2005 to organize the first Lean Educator Conference.  This conference has brought together lean educators from industry, academia and government organizations from across the nation and from around the world.  The Lean Educator Conference continues to be dedicated to lean educators and researchers,lean pedagogy and curriculum enhancement in all settings.

LEC 2006 hosted by WPI, October 16-18
LEC 2008 hosted by MIT, April 24-25
LEC 2009 hosted by Univ of MN, May 28-30
LEC 2010 hosted by ERAU, May 19-21
LEC 2011 hosted by  U of AL, Sep 29 - Oct 1
LEC 2012 hosted by ODU, Sep 27-29
LEC 2013 hosted by OSU, Oct 3-5
LEC 2014 with the IIE Engineering Lean Six Sigma Conference in Orlando FL, Sept 29-Oct 1
Also in 2014, The first European LEC was hosted by CETPM of Ansbach University in Stuttgart, Germany


Lean Education Academic Network (LEAN)

The LEAN organization is a group of college/university educators dedicated to implementing lean education in academia through the sharing of knowledge and resources.  Individuals may locate colleges or resources, as well as sign-up for the group listserv at the LEAN website.


The LAI EdNet has merged its activities into the Institute for Industrial Engineering after the conclusion of the Lean Advancement Initiative at MIT.  

Lean Enterprise Initiative (LEI)

LEI is a nonprofit organization which supports executives, leaders or organizations as they start or continue along their lean journey.  LEI performs research, education, publication and conference organization to help further their mission.  Anyone interested in joining this lean community  can visit the LEI website to see how to participate.

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