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If any passiveness does not let you become closer to your success, it is worth learning how to be lazy effectively.

1. Lazy People Look for The Most Effective Way to Complete the Task

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, once said: “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Really, such workers will look for the way to finish the project faster and will try to get the best result from the first attempt in order not to redo the task.

A Lazy Person

2. Lazy People Are Skilled Optimizers

A lazy person does not see the point in a monotonous job, so they always try to automatize the process. Thanks to such inventors, vacuum cleaners replaced brooms, and robot-cleaners replaced vacuum cleaners.

Exams can be different, but there are common tips that will allow you to get ready for most of them.

Exam Student

1. Find Out the Amount of Job

This means the amount of knowledge required to pass the exam. No matter how big it is, you need at least to understand it in order to avoid learning unnecessary things and to concentrate your efforts on toughest moments.

Nowadays people speak about the advantages of distance education more and more often. What are those advantages?

Distance Learning

Advantage 1: Mass Character

The number of people who study the same program at the same university is determined only by characteristics of communicational equipment. By the way, mass character and availability were exactly those things which caused the distance education to appear.

Advantage 2: Speed

The second benefit of distance education is speed. Big companies, having their headquarters in the United States and affiliates all over the world, served as driving forces of distance education development back in the 1970s. Knowledge was getting out of date together with the rapid technical development. Companies started to invest money into the development of distance courses for the world’s best universities because the result of this initiative was that it allowed to save learning time and to let professionals continue their work while learning.

2015 USA Lean Educator Conference

The 2015 Lean Educator Conference will be held as an integrated part of the IIE Lean Six Sigma Conference. With dynamic speakers and sessions exploring innovations and research in healthcare, manufacturing, education and case studies and applications in industry, the Engineering Lean & Six Sigma and Lean Educators Conference is the can't-miss gathering for individuals looking to improve their organization's lean or Six Sigma implementation. Register today to join us in Atlanta, Sept. 30 - Oct. 2.

The conference will include Lean Six Sigma Applications, Lean Six Sigma Research and Lean Six Sigma Education Tracks. Distinguished keynote speakers, engaging panel discussions, poster sessions, and detailed pre-conference workshops assure there will be something for every lean learner.

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Final Updates for 2014 LEC

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Webinar Available for Viewing

The webinar described below has been archived - the viewgraphs and audio from both presentations is available (still free) at this link - Lean Processes and Time-Tested Management Principles

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